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Bad Electrical Connection in Freezers & Cool Rooms

There are few things more frustrating than an unreliable electrical connection, especially when you’re trying to run a restaurant, café, convenience store, or any other business that relies heavily on its freezers and cool rooms. Bad electrical connections could be costing you a tonne of money that you could spend elsewhere, which is why we’re looking at the common signs of electrical trouble.

Electrical Problems Can Equal Bigger Problems

When your commercial cool room or freezer room isn’t functioning properly due to a poor electrical connection, your food-based business is at a greater risk of losing profits and stock. Bad electrical connections can cost you endless sums of money as your equipment tries to overcompensate. Eventually, you may even find your machinery malfunctioning or breaking down completely.

Your chilled and frozen foods need to be kept at stable temperatures in controlled environments to stop the spread of bacteria. When this isn’t the case, your business could be in a world of trouble.

How to Tell If You’re Having Issues with Electricity

The main effects of malfunctioning electrical connections in fridges and freezers are fluctuations in temperature. This can drastically affect your business, especially in an Australian summer when freezers and cool rooms must work even harder to maintain a consistent temperature.

If you’ve noticed inconsistent temperatures, food spoiling faster than usual, or an extreme spike in your electricity bills, you may be suffering from a bad electrical connection. You may be able to monitor your temperature with a built-in thermostat; however, we suggest you test this with a thermometer to make sure it isn’t being affected by the electrical outage.

Monitor your digital thermostat and record it every day to check if you are experiencing fluctuations in temperature. A few degrees of variance here and there is completely normal whereas any major fluctuation is a tell-tale sign that you’re having electrical problems.

What to Do When You Notice a Problem

The first step is to check your outlet and cords, ensuring it isn’t being caused by a loose plug or a faulty power outlet. Your problem may be solvable by an electrician if it’s the outlet, circuit breaker or a larger area of your business that’s suffering electrical problems.

If you suspect the culprit is the fridge or freezer itself, call a professional team for repairs. Experienced specialists know how to solve these kinds of problems quickly, minimising downtime for your business. The best way to avoid issues with your equipment and machinery is to schedule preventative maintenance at least once a year.

Cold-Rite for High-Quality Cooling Equipment

It may be time to replace your cooling equipment. To design a custom-made cool room or walk-in freezer that will meet your exact needs, call the team at Cold-Rite in Sydney. Efficient machinery will save you money on running costs in the long term, so get in touch with us today!