Humidity Controlled Rooms

Humidity Controlled Rooms

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A humidity controlled room or ‘stability room’ is a cupboard or isolated space that is lined with insulated panels and fitted with refrigeration equipment, heaters and humidifiers to maintain a chosen humidity. Humidity controlled rooms from Cold-Rite can also be configured to maintain any given temperature, giving you complete control over your product storage.

Our team of refrigeration technicians will designinstallmaintain and service the ideal humidity controlled room for your business operations, whether you are running a small laboratory testing room or a massive vegetable storage facility, and everything in between.

Protect Your Products with Humidity Controlled Storage

A cold room with humidity control protects your products from extreme temperatures and changes in temperatures that could potentially allow for breakage and spoilage. Each one of our humidity controlled rooms is constructed using the highest quality materials, going above and beyond the BCA requirements and health codes.

We specialise in humidity controlled rooms for:

  • Cold Storage
  • Food testing, manufacturing and storage
  • Bakeries
  • Pharmaceutical testing, manufacturing and storage
  • Chemical testing, manufacturing and storage
  • Laboratory testing
  • Medical and veterinary sciences

Speak to Cold-Rite for Custom Humidity Control

We use locally sourced materials to custom build our humidity controlled rooms, ensuring they fit the precise specifications that your business needs. Our equipment will match the space you have and the products you need to store, so you can feel confident that your humidity controlled room will meet and exceed your expectations.

Our refrigeration equipment, heaters and humidifiers are made from components we source from Australian-owned businesses. We specifically engineer your unit to reach the humidity level you wish to achieve while supporting the product load you have, so your space is at the correct humidity and temperature all year ‘round.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and we will start designing a cost-effective option for you.

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