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Our design team of fully licenced refrigeration technicians with extensive experience in installation and project management will engineer a solution tailored specifically to your needs that exceeds all expectation.

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"Our goal is design a solution that exceeds your requirements."

Our design team of refrigeration technicians are all highly trained in a range of fields within the refrigeration and air conditioning industry from commercial under bench cabinets to industrial blast freezers and everything in between. Through a detailed assessment of the installation location, temperature requirements, product specifications and external influences, our design team will engineer a solution that will work within your constraints to provide a product that makes maximum use of space while providing efficient and cost effective operation.

"We understand how important well engineered, efficient design is to the growth of your business."

Our designs make use of the latest advances in refrigeration technology, whilst focusing on supporting locally sourced and manufactured equipment distributed by Australian owned companies so that you can feel confident that your design will be at the cutting edge of quality, efficiency, technological progression and after sales service. Coupled with a network of partnerships built over decades of design and engineering will ensure your cutting edge design is offered to you at a competitive price.