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A water chiller is a packaged refrigeration system fitted with tanks, pumps, liquid heat exchangers, and refrigeration equipment to maintain water or a water-glycol mix at a chosen temperature. Our team of refrigeration technicians will design, install, maintain, and service your industrial water chiller to ensure your business has a constant supply of cold, fresh water. We find that large commercial buildings often require a substantial amount of cooling, which is why this heavy-duty water chiller is cost-effective and safe for large volumes of water. The commercial water chiller is constructed to the highest possible standards so they can pump cold water throughout your building all year round. 

Find the Right Industrial Water Chiller for You 

Each one of our water chiller unit was built to surpass the Australian standards and codes of practice, ensuring your unit complies with the toughest industry standards.  

We specialise in designing and installing Sydney water chillers for: 

  • Food testing, manufacturing, and storage 
  • Pharmaceutical testing, manufacturing, and storage 
  • Chemical testing, manufacturing, and storage 
  • Laboratory testing 
  • Medical and veterinary sciences 
  • Beverage manufacturing and storage 
  • Plastic manufacturing 
  • Bakeries 
  • Process and comfort air conditioning 

Choose a Commercial Water Chiller from Cold-Rite

At Cold-Rite, we work with Australian-operated companies to manufacture high-quality products out of locally sourced materials. Let us work with you to custom design a water chiller Australia that is engineered specifically for the space you have, the volume of cold water you need, and the temperature you wish to achieve.  

Speak to the team at Cold-Rite about what your business needs and we will design and install your ideal water chiller unit. If you need water chillers Sydney, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us today for your water chiller Australia needs! 

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Cold-Rite Refrigeration provides a full range of commercial and industrial refrigeration maintenance services. We have a fleet of mobile workshops available for breakdown, service or planned maintenance throughout the greater Sydney metropolitan area extending to the Blue Mountains, Central and South Coasts.


Water chillers are refrigeration systems that use compressor technology to control temperature in various industrial applications, including cooling processes and equipment. 

Our air-cooled chillers use ambient air to dissipate heat, while our water-cooled chillers leverage external water sources for cooling, offering different efficiencies and applications based on your needs. 

As industrial water chillers Australia provider, the refrigeration cycle of our chiller systems involves a compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator, ensuring efficient temperature control and cooling for your processes. 

Our industrial water chiller is available in a wide range of capacities, measured in tons, to meet the cooling load requirements of diverse industrial processes. 

The compressor type, whether centrifugal or screw, significantly influences the efficiency, operating costs, and suitability of our chillers for specific applications and temperature ranges. 

As industrial water chillers Australia provider, we emphasise regular maintenance to ensure our chillers operate at peak efficiency, extend equipment life, and prevent downtimes in critical cooling applications. 

Our glycol chillers, which use a glycol-water mix as a refrigerant, provide reliable cooling with enhanced freezing point depression for challenging applications. 

Our water chiller Australia units reduce the energy consumption of your cooling processes by optimising energy use through precise temperature and load control. 

The evaporator in our chillers absorbs heat from process or chilled water, playing a crucial role in the refrigeration cycle and ensuring effective temperature regulation. 

Selecting the right industrial water chiller involves considering capacity range, compressor type, and specific cooling requirements to ensure optimal application performance.