Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

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The easiest problem to fix is the one that never happened.

Call in the fridge repair experts at Cold-Rite for preventative maintenance of your business’s refrigeration systems.

Highly trained and fully licensed, our team of technicians offers complete coolroom services to make sure your commercial and industrial refrigeration is kept in top condition.

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Not only are we passionate about the coolroom maintenance services we provide, but we understand their impact on your bottom line.

We know any issues in refrigeration can mean lost time and money for your business, and you can rely on us to have your best interests at heart. We will keep a resolute focus on preventing breakdowns and maintaining the efficiency of your refrigeration systems.

Our clients range across laboratory testing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and food processing sectors.

“Our Goal Is To Resolve Every Issue Before It Becomes Your Issue.”

Each of our preventive maintenance technicians are highly trained, across several fields within the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. This ranges from commercial under bench cabinets to industrial blast freezers, plus everything in between.

Our consultation starts with an in-depth assessment of the demands placed on your refrigeration equipment and your dependence on its operation. Our maintenance manager will then design a preventive maintenance plan that will make sure your refrigeration equipment keeps working reliably and efficiently, for a long time.

“We Understand How Important The Operation Of Your Refrigeration Equipment Is To Your Business.”

As part of our preventive maintenance plans, our technicians will go through a detailed equipment checklist during the maintenance check. This is an invaluable record for you to monitor the operational status of your equipment. In the event of an audit in the future, you can also use this as a record of the maintenance history.

You can rely on our passion for creating efficient and reliable refrigeration systems for our clients. With the implementation of thorough and documented procedures, our technicians are always doing their utmost to minimise future service breakdowns, saving your business time and money.

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Cold-Rite Refrigeration provides a full range of commercial and industrial refrigeration maintenance services. We have a fleet of mobile workshops available for breakdown, service or planned maintenance throughout the greater Sydney metropolitan area extending to the Blue Mountains, Central and South Coasts.