Pressure Relief Vents in Cool Rooms & Freezers

Pressure Relief Vents

In cool rooms and freezers, there are many obvious components that we’ve all had contact with, such as the seals and thermostats. Some of the crucial aspects of these machines go totally unnoticed; that is, until they stop working. To celebrate the unsung heroes of refrigeration, we’re taking a closer look at the pressure relief vents in cool rooms and walk-in freezers.

Understanding Pressure Equalisation in Refrigeration

Have you ever tried to open the door of a freezer or cool room and been met with extreme resistance? When this happens, a pressure differential has built up between the outside and the inside of the chamber. The internal space is an artificial, controlled environment where the atmospheric pressure is slightly different.

The internal fan is responsible for drawing warm air out of the sealed room, causing that frustrating locking effect. Pressure relief vents are used to equalise this difference as much as possible, removing some of the difficulty of opening the door.

Pressure Relief Vents Battle Intrusive Air

Walk-in freezers and cool rooms don’t usually have airlocks on the outside, meaning the pressure relief vents oversee dealing with the warm air that enters every time the freezer is opened. The vents handle excess warm air by pushing it outside the unit and rebalancing the internal pressure throughout the day as the door is opened and closed.

Dealing with a Negative Pressure Differential

sealed and cooled space can create negative pressure variables, meaning it becomes a vacuum. Typically, the room would deal with this by pulling in more air; however, the added air would be substantially warmer than the internal temperature and cause the ice to melt and refreeze.

Any pressure difference can, over time, cause structural fatigue to the insulated panels and the door which requires more maintenance and repairs.

The pressure relief vents work to remove warm air that comes in when the door is opened while regulating the pressure inside the freezer and keeping the temperature constant.

Simply Put, Pressure Relief Vents are Important

To summarise in layman’s terms, pressure relief vents make it possible to open the door of your cooling unit. They also assist in keeping the space at a consistent temperature throughout the day – a crucial and thankless job.

Preventative maintenance and regular lubrication is the best way to keep your pressure relief vents in good condition.

Ensure the vents are clean with no accumulation of debris, there are no obstructions and there’s good airflow to the vents.

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