Evaporator Fan Problems in Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Evaporator Fan

The evaporator fan in your commercial and industrial refrigeration keeps the air constantly flowing through the unit and across the evaporator coils to maintain an even temperature. These fans generally run 24/7 at full speed to keep the system working so it stands to reason that you may encounter problems with them.

In this article, we’re discussing what can go wrong with evaporator fans and how you can solve the issue.

What Does the Evaporator Fan Do?

The evaporator fan is just one of many components that work together to keep your commercial cold room working efficiently.

The fan blows the air inside the cold room over the evaporator coils which in turn removes the heat from the air and keeps the interior at a constant predetermined temperature.

Usually, the evaporator fan works in harmony with the compressor. You’ll know when you’re having problems with your evaporator fan because the compressor will be affected. If the evaporator fan ceases to work completely, the sensors in your cold room will signal for the compressor to work harder and compensate for the issue.

Eventually, your evaporator coils will freeze over and this can lead to several evaporator fan problems including:

  • Increased temperatures inside the cold room
  • Ice build-up around the inside
  • Damaged mechanical components
  • Obstructions to the fan blades

Preventative Maintenance and Repairs

It’s important to keep your cold room and walk-in freezer well maintained otherwise you run the risk of your evaporator coils icing up and causing obstructions to the fan blades as well as many other problems including higher energy usage. To check for these problems, turn the unit off and open the evaporator fan to see if there are blockages that you can remove yourself.

Once you’ve cleaned the area in front of the fan, it’s time to clean the coils. Sometimes, all you need is hot, soapy water and a cloth to remove ice build-up, dirt and debris from the coils. If you’re facing a more extreme problem, you may need to call a professional service with specialised steam equipment.

Replacing the Evaporator Fan

Call the team at Cold-Rite if it’s time to replace your evaporator fan. We offer a complete breakdown service for walk-in cold rooms and freezers, minimising downtime for your business by solving problems quickly.

The issue may be caused by an old and failing unit. If your cool room or walk-in freezer is more than ten years old, it may be time to upgrade because there have been amazing technological advances within the industry over the past decade. If it’s time to buy a new cool room, feel free to contact us online for a quick quote.

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