Factors to Consider in a Custom Cool Room

Custom-Designed Cool Room

There are countless businesses that rely on cool rooms for their daily operation. Every single one of these businesses is different and have individual needs that cannot be met by run-of-the-mill, standard equipment. When you’re considering purchasing a custom-made cool room, there are a few factors to think about.

Our experienced team of cool room designers, builders and technicians are here to help you plan your ideal walk-in fridge.

What Type of Cool Room Do You Need?

If you’re building a cool room for a supermarket or grocery store, you will need custom entry and exit points, especially if you need the cool room to be accessible by forklift. This applies to bottle shops and other retailers who need an easy option for stocking the shelves and displaying products.

Restaurants, cafés and bars need highly individualistic cool rooms that are customised to the exact product they’re storing. Some restaurants that focus on types of cuisine will need different storage needs. Speak to Cold-Rite about this to find the best template for your needs.

Custom-Designed Shelving

Depending on what you’re storing, transporting or selling, you’re going to need shelving and plenty of it. Planning shelving for your cool room can be a seemingly daunting task because there are so many options in sizing and tiers, and you don’t want to get it wrong.

Don’t underestimate the benefits of speaking to the professionals about this aspect of the design because people with experience can help you work out the particulars and stay in accordance with strict Australian standards.

Humidity and Temperature Controlled Rooms

Spoilage of stock occurs when cool rooms and walk-in freezer rooms aren’t perfectly controlled environments. Temperature is an obvious factor in creating a cool room; however, many people overlook humidity control and are then faced with the negative effects of excess moisture. If your stock is at risk of being ruined by moisture, speak to your cool room designer about humidity control.

Designing the Door

When you choose the dimensions of the room, you also need to pay close attention to the dimensions of the door. Depending on the functionality and use of the door, you will need to make space for the size of the stock coming in and how you will be transporting it. Some businesses also choose sliding doors over swinging doors if they are worried about saving space.

Choosing the Right Team to Build Your Cool Room

It may be tricky to navigate the standards and requirements for designing and constructing your cool room, but our team is here to help. Cold-Rite has plenty of experience designing and building a range of different fit-outs across multiple industries. To receive a quick quote today, contact us online.

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