The Benefits of Custom-Building Your Cool Room

Custom Build Cool Room

Commercial cool rooms have transformed the way we can store perishable, temperature sensitive goods like food, beverages, chemicals, medical and pharmaceutical goods and more. A walk-in fridge allows you to keep a large supply of items at a consistent temperature while easily keeping track of stock with long visible shelves.

Of course, how you need your cool room to be designed and function will depend on what it’s being used for and the space it’s occupying. A bottle shop will obviously have different requirements to a pharmaceutical cold storage solution. Custom building your cool room is an ideal way of ensuring you have the best system possible for your needs. Below are some advantages to custom building your cool room.

Energy Efficiency

A cool room that is built according to the dimensional outlay of your particular space ensures the commodities inside are cooled as efficiently as possible. A custom build looks at what you’re storing and how much. Refrigeration technicians will then design and build to cool room to keep the commodities at the right temperature while avoiding wasting energy on cooling empty space.

Application Specific Design

Cool rooms often have to meet case by case demands on the design. The best example is cool rooms for storing beverages at a bottle shop. This often involves multiple glass doorways for customers to pick up beverages with another large walk in door where workers can restock and customers can pick up cartons. This can require thick entryways spring-loaded clasps, and composite wall panels to keep the space cool.

Tailored Airflow

A cool room can be designed to optimise airflow as well as customising size and shape. Cool rooms can be fitted with the correct refrigerant system to meet the particular needs you may have. For example, you may not need a unit that is constantly working at a freezing temperature to keep your products frozen in a freezer room. Depending on the products being stored, you can adjust the humidity so you have the option to keep the room dry and cool.

You can also adjust the spacing between the shelves to provide unhampered circulation so cold currents with every corner of the cool room. This ensures uniform product cooling and eliminates potential warm spots. Wire mesh shelves with an epoxy coating allows more air to flow around.

Commercial Freezers and Cool Rooms in Sydney

Cold-Rite Refrigeration provides a range of commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions, including walk in fridges, commercial water chillers, humidity-controlled rooms and more. Our cool rooms are constructed to the highest level of standard, above and beyond the BCA requirements and the health code so that you can be confident that your cool room complies with the most stringent codes and standards.

We specialise in cool rooms for:

  • Cold Storage
  • Food manufacturing and storage
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage
  • Chemical manufacturing and storage
  • Laboratory testing
  • Medical and veterinary sciences
  • Beverage manufacturing and storage

We also have a fleet of mobile workshops available for breakdown services, installation or planned maintenance throughout the greater Sydney metropolitan area extending to the Blue Mountains, Central and South Coasts.

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Cold-Rite Refrigeration provides a full range of commercial and industrial refrigeration maintenance services. We have a fleet of mobile workshops available for breakdown, service or planned maintenance throughout the greater Sydney metropolitan area extending to the Blue Mountains, Central and South Coasts.