Benefits of Plastic Strip Curtains on Cool Rooms

Plastic Strip Curtains on Cool Rooms

Running a business efficiently can often mean finding small methods of saving money wherever possible. If you’re looking for ways to cut the running costs of your walk-in cool room, plastic strip curtains are an easy, inexpensive option to reduce the amount of energy your cooling unit needs. To improve the efficiency of your cool room, you may benefit from installing plastic strip curtains.

How Do Plastic Strip Curtains Work?

Plastic strip curtains can be purchased for walk-in coolers and industrial walk-in freezers to decrease the amount of cold air that’s lost every time you open the door. These curtains are typically made of clear vinyl, and they are designed to cover the entire length of your cool room door. Strip curtain is not a replacement for an insulated panel door – the two should be used together to optimum results.

A simple way of explaining this is to relate it to air conditioning. When you are cooling your home on an extremely hot day, it takes a while for the air to reach the desired temperature. If people were coming and going from your home all day, you’d notice substantial amounts of cold air being lost every time they open the door.

This simple invention works by forming a blockade against the cold air, making it more difficult for it to escape. Plastic strip curtains are effective because the surface area of the cool room door is large, so by forming a moveable wall in front of the door, far less air is lost.

The Benefits of Plastic Strip Curtains

Plastic strip doors are a low-maintenance, reliable and cost-effective method of controlling the amount of energy your cool room uses. They are, by far, the cheapest method of controlling energy loss and heat gain in controlled environments. Plastic strip doors are considered ‘always closed’ because they are only open to the size of the object that is entering the room.

The additional benefits of plastic strip curtains include:

  • Preventing 80% – 90% of air loss compared to conventional doors
  • Enhancing hygiene and separation by stabilising the air temperature
  • Less product spoilage
  • Less frost build-up on the coils
  • Reduced wear and tear on the motors, switches, and compressors
  • Restricting air pollutants from entering, including dust, smoke and fumes
  • Increasing your employees’ comfort
  • Protection against flying insects and birds

How Thick Should My Plastic Strip Curtains Be?

It is recommended that your plastic strip curtains are made from flexible PVC and they should be between 3mm and 5mm thick. If the plastic thickness drops below 1mm, the material will curve and warp, meaning your plastic strip curtains won’t hang straight and the air seal will be compromised.

Design a Custom Cool Room with Cold-Rite

If you’re looking for a custom-made walk-in cool room or freezer in Sydney, speak to Cold-Rite. We can help you design the ideal cool room for your business, including efficient and cost-effective plastic strip curtains. Request a quick quote online today!

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