Common Problems in Commercial Freezers

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Commercial freezers are the core of many businesses in Australia. When they stop working, it can cause expensive, frustrating and time-consuming problems. It’s important to perform preventative maintenance on your cool rooms and freezers to avoid issues, so we’re taking a look at the some of the most common problems with commercial freezers.

Issues with Ice and Debris Build Up

Most of the time, ice build-up is caused by the presence of humid or warm air in the freezer. The door of your walk-in freezer may not be sealing efficiently because of damaged or old gaskets. Freezers need high-quality seals to ensure the external air doesn’t cause problems with the temperature. Additionally, it may be a faulty hinge or door closer that’s keeping the door ajar.

Ensure your employees are closing the door properly every time they enter and exit the freezer as even the shortest periods of time with the door open can let huge amounts of warm air inside. Ice, dirt and debris build-up around the evaporator coils and drain lines can lead to further problems, and these can be expensive.

Ice Build-Up Can Harm Your Insulation Panels

Over time, insulation panels can accumulate ice internally. If you’ve been using your freezer for over 10 years, there is a good chance the insulation has lost its efficiency. This can increase the running costs of your freezer and cause additional icing problems inside the storage area.

Common Power Issues with Freezers

Is your freezer having trouble powering up? Power issues can have drastic impacts on your business, so it is of the utmost importance to correct these problems immediately. The first step is ensuring the cords are properly plugged in and the switches are on before calling a professional to fix the problem. The issue could be the power supply and not the freezer unit, so use a voltage detector to ensure the outlet is working.

If you’ve done everything you can and the freezer still isn’t working, call a professional repair service like Cold-Rite. Expert technicians can have your freezer up and running promptly, minimising downtime for your business.

Temperature Problems with Freezers

Industrial walk-in freezers are built to withstand being opened and closed multiple times throughout the day; however, the gaskets can wear down over time and prevent the door from sealing properly. You may also be experiencing issues with your temperature gauge – if it’s giving an incorrect reading or has broken altogether, a simple replacement will fix the issue. You can test this with a thermometer.

Call the Professionals at Cold-Rite for Assistance

Problems with evaporator fans icing up can be fixed with professional De-Icing services from Cold-Rite in Sydney. We can clear your drain lines and carefully melt away ice build-up to ensure your freezer is working to the highest standard. Contact us online to organise a repair service or preventative maintenance.

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