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Water Chillers

A Water Chiller is defined as a packaged refrigeration system, fitted with tanks, pumps, liquid heat exchangers and refrigeration equipment to maintain water or a water glycol mix to a given temperature. Our team of refrigeration technicians will design design, install, maintain and service any Water Chiller you may have or need, from the smallest process water chiller room to the largest central air conditioning chiller and everything in between.

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All Water Chillers we supply are constructed to the highest level of standard, above and beyond the Australian standards and codes of practice so that you can be confident that your Water Chiller complies with the most stringent codes and standards.

We specialise in Water Chillers for;

  • Food testing, manufacturing and storage.
  • Pharmaceutical testing, manufacturing and storage.
  • Chemical testing, manufacturing and storage.
  • Laboratory testing.
  • Medical and veterinary sciences.
  • Beverage manufacturing and storage.
  • Plastic manufacturing.
  • Bakeries.
  • Process and comfort air conditioning.
"We understand how important your Water Chiller is to your business."

All Water Chillers we supply are manufactured by Australian operated companies using locally available materials, to fit the space that you so that you can be confident that your Water Chiller will fulfil and exceed all expectations you may have for it. All water chillers we supply are engineered specifically to the temperature you wish to achieve, the ambient environment and the product load you will be placing on it to ensure your Water Chiller will maintain the desired temperature, all year round. We can offer a variety of custom and pre manufactured water chillers for any application from many different manufacturers so that you can be confident your Water Chiller is tailored specifically to your requirements.