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Why it's Cool to Work in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Working in refrigeration and air conditioning is a great opportunity. It's safe, well paid, and comes with many qualifications. Plus, the Australian climate always demands plenty of work. Here are some benefits you might not even have considered.

Government Incentives

There are many government incentives around working in air conditioning and refrigeration – some for when you're studying, and some for people working in the field. For apprentices, federal and state governments offer many different support payments and networks to make getting qualified easier and less expensive.

Working in the field, there are lots of financial incentives for consumers which keep the refrigeration and air conditioning industry active. For example, the Government of New South Wales recently announced that households will save $1,000 if they install a new air conditioner with a high efficiency star rating. In short, government incentives make it easy to obtain a trade in the business and sustain work when you're qualified.

After Trade Study Opportunities

After you get your Certificate III in air conditioning and refrigeration, the opportunities for study don't stop there. A Certificate IV will improve your skills and open new career opportunities. It also inducts you to elements of commercial air conditioning and refrigeration installation and buying. There’re heaps more to learn after that in courses for diplomas and advanced diplomas.

Financial Benefits

HVAC workers are skilled tradespeople and can expect to be compensated as such. As with any career, payment varies from state to state over time. However, with increased environmental pressures and Australia's growing population and housing needs, the general trend for wages and available hours in this profession can be expected to keep heading up over time.

Great Employment Opportunities

There are many great companies you can work for with a certification in refrigeration and air conditioning. For example, Cold-Rite has over 150 commercial & industrial clients across Australia. They do commercial refrigeration installation and repairs for cool rooms, freezer rooms, water chillers, and humidity-controlled spaces. It's not just a well-paid job with a great company and room for career progression; its varied and interesting work that will keep your attention by changing day to day.

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If you'd like to see more information about what it's like working in refrigeration, check out the Cold-Rite blog for a series of informative posts. It's always good to find out more about a business before taking it up yourself.

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