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The Benefits of a Clean Condenser Coil

Refrigeration systems such as commercial cool rooms and walk in freezers work a 24/7 to keep food and other perishable goods fresh and cold. Ensuring your cooling systems work properly and efficiently involves properly maintaining them. Cleaning condenser coils on a regular basis is a key aspect of preventative maintenance.

Condenser coils need cleaning at least quarterly. It’s a job that doesn’t take long and offers a multitude of benefits. Below are a couple of reasons why cleaning your coils is worth the effort.

Save Energy

Condenser coils play the essential role of cooling and condensing the liquid refrigerant running through them. Heat needs to be released in order to cool the refrigerant. As dirt and dust accumulates on the condenser coils, they become less efficient at releasing this heat. The overheating means the compressor has to work harder, meaning more energy is used.

Longer Equipment Lifespan

As dirty coils make your compressor work harder, the extra wear and tear reduces the overall lifespan of your refrigerating system. Preventative maintenance is far cheaper than major breakdown, especially if the system requires new parts. Dirt coils can also harbour mould and bacteria, having a negative effect on the air quality in the building.

Fewer Breakdowns

Unfortunately, up to 80 per cent of refrigeration systems don’t get their coils cleaned on a regular basis. Dirty condenser coils are one of the most common reasons for service calls for breakdown repairs. Clean condenser coils can reduce the chance of a breakdown by up to 70 per cent.

How to Clean Condenser Coils

There are a variety of ways to clean dust and dirt off coils, including using coil cleaners and pressure cleaning. It’s crucial to avoid using corrosive cleaners on coils, which can diminish its lifespan.

Compressed air is another way of removing dirt and dust but can cause airborne macromolecular organic dust to spread. Contaminants must be contained to the area and removed during cleaning. Harsh chemicals can be used, there is a risk of electric shock or damage to the unit and the works should always be completed by a trained professional

Maintenance for Freezers and Cool Rooms in Sydney

At Cold-Rite Refrigeration, our preventive maintenance technicians are all highly trained in a range of fields within the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, from commercial under bench cabinets to industrial blast freezers and everything in between.

We have a fleet of mobile workshops available for breakdown services, installation or planned maintenance throughout the greater Sydney metropolitan area extending to the Blue Mountains, Central and South Coasts. We also provide a range of commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions, including walk in fridges, commercial water chillers, humidity-controlled rooms and more.

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