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Coil Performance Restoration for Cool Rooms

When you’ve spent your money and time creating the ideal cool room for your business, it can be frustrating to deal with mysterious, ongoing issues. If your cool room is drawing too much electrical energy and costing you a fortune, there may be a problem with your coil efficiency. These problems won’t get better on their own, so it’s a good idea to call an expert service engineer that will assess the equipment coils.

The team at Cold-Rite can help you achieve maximum efficiency in your commercial cool room; but first, let’s take a look at how coil performance restoration works.

Energy Loss Can Be Caused by Obstructed Refrigeration Coils

Icy build up can hinder the efficiency of your Refrigeration coils. This is often caused by excess moisture from hot food items, or it may simply come down to the humidity in your area. Excess moisture condenses when it touches the evaporator coils and that condensation can then freeze. This has a cumulative affect over time, forming a thick layer of ice on the back of the coil.

Other obstructions may be caused by dirt and debris that settle on the coil fins. Simply put, your Refrigeration coils cannot cool as effectively if there are obstructions blocking their air flow and restricting heat transfer.

Simple (NO DIY) Cleaning Techniques for Coil Restoration

If you’re experiencing difficulties with your Refrigeration system’s cooling abilities, the fix may be as simple as a little warm water and soap. Although the parts of the machinery are highly complex, and sensitive to water, restoring them should be left to a trained professional. If your coils are kept clean through the implementation of a regular preventive maintenance plan, ice should rarely build up and efficiency will be maintained.

Professional Coil Restoration Services

It’s not always so simple to restore your walk-in fridge to its optimum performance. There may be times when you need a complete restoration service. The team at Cold-Rite can restore the heat transference performance of your Refrigeration evaporator coils with powerful steam equipment and cleaning agents.

The restoration process involves multiple stages of rejuvenation, high levels of steam and non-corrosive cleaner that soften and remove the caked-on dirt. We then clean the fans and surfaces or order replacement parts if necessary. For the outdoor condenser coil, we use state-of-the-art steam technology to safely and carefully remove all obstructions and clean the equipment.

Professional Coil Restoration Services

To truly maximise the efficiency of your business, you need to start with a high-quality cool room or freezer room Installation. Speak to the team at Cold-Rite for the best equipment available. We also offer preventative maintenance and in-depth repairs to keep your business operating at peak efficiency. Contact Cold-Rite online for a quick quote.