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Common Causes of Dripping in Commercial Freezers

It can be alarming when you notice your commercial freezer room has started to drip water, and while it’s definitely cause for concern you can rest assured that it is water that’s leaking and not your refrigerant.

It may not be life-threatening but it’s still crucial to have a technician look at your freezer as soon as possible because the leak could be a sign of bigger problems. In this article, we’re exploring the common causes of dripping commercial freezers.

The Hazards of Leaking Water

There are a few possible causes of water leaking from your commercial or industrial freezer but the health and safety hazards are plenty.

Water on the floor is a major safety issue and it can create the perfect environment for mould and bacteria to flourish.

Since any water inside your commercial freezer should be frozen, it also indicates that your temperature is too low or inconsistent and puts your frozen goods at risk of defrosting and spoiling.

Common Reasons for Leaks in Commercial Freezer Rooms

Leaking and faulty seams between the panels can cause dripping, as can old or damaged seals which let warm air in causing the temperature to rise. This also means your freezer has to work harder trying to maintain the temperature inside.

If your commercial freezer room is older, it could be that the insulation is no longer working as efficiently as it should. Your freezer room will be struggling to stay cold enough and your frozen goods will be compromised and possibly contaminated.

Condensation is a major cause of leaks and dripping in commercial freezer rooms.

If the air outside is particularly warm and humid it can produce condensation on the exterior of the freezer because of the difference in temperature.

Air conditioning and dehumidifying the air around the freezer room can help to overcome the problem.

The door is an often overlooked cause of problems. Although it is designed to be opened and closed many times a day, eventually the seals will degrade and fail. Regular preventative maintenance will avoid many issues as they’re detected before they have time to worsen and cause dripping and temperature control problems.

Fixing Dripping Water in Commercial Freezer Rooms

Depending on the cause of the dripping water, there may be ways to fix it yourself.

If your freezer room is more than 10 years old there’s a good chance the insulation and structural integrity is the cause of the problem.

Thoroughly inspect the panels and door seals, inside and out, for signs of deterioration and wear and tear.

You’ll often be able to see where the water is dripping from and either repair the damage yourself, or call in a professional for expert advice and repairs.

Solving a Mechanical Issue with Your Freezer

If you’ve inspected the components of your freezer and can’t seem to locate the problem, you may need to get a professional technician to look at the unit. The Sydney team at Cold-Rite offer a complete breakdown service and preventative maintenance to ensure the problem doesn’t occur again. Contact us online for assistance.